Open Source @ Mirego

We hope these lines of codes will be useful and help you build great products.

0 ★ MRGRoundButton
An highly customizable circle button.
0 ★ MRGTraitCollection
Backward compatibility layer for UITraitCollection in iOS 7.
0 ★ MRGArchitect
Provides your app with device-agnostic measurements.
1 ★ MRGPagerController
An highly customizable pager controller
0 ★ MRGMarqueeLabel
A label with a marquee effect.
0 ★ MRGDateFormatter
NSDateFormatter subclass that react to locale changes by calling a configure block, ensuring you always display the user desired date format.
1 ★ MRGLaunchImageViewController
A view controller that displays the launch image to ease your transitions at app launch
23 ★ MCUIImageAdvanced
Advanced and powerful functionality enhancements to UIImage
108 ★ gaffe
Gaffe handles Rails error pages in a clean, simple way.
22 ★ phare
Phare looks into your files and check for coding style errors.
1 ★ simple-css-reset
A simple, no-nonsense CSS reset stylesheet to use as a Bower dependency.
78 ★ MCUIViewLayout
MCUIViewLayout is a category added over UIView to easily build layouts
3 ★ ember-cli-foreigner
ember-cli-foreigner is a set of helpers and mixins to interface with the foreigner.js library in Ember.
40 ★ activerecord_json_validator
ActiveRecord::JSONValidator makes it easy to validate JSON attributes against a JSON schema.
8 ★ rack-locale-root-redirect
Rack::LocaleRootRedirect uses Rack:Accept to map '/' to a path based on the Accept-Language HTTP header.
10 ★ emotions
Allow ActiveRecord records to express (and hopefully store) emotions (eg. :heart_eyes:, :angry: or :sob:) about other records.
18 ★ MCAWSS3Client
Amazon S3 client based on AFHTTPClient
7 ★ parole
Parole adds the ability to comment on ActiveRecord records
13 ★ emojimmy
Emojimmy makes it possible to store emoji characters in ActiveRecord datastores that don’t support 4-Byte UTF-8 Unicode (utf8mb4) encoding.
10 ★ hanzo
Hanzo is a sharp tool to handle deployments in multiple environments on Heroku.
21 ★ microscope
Microscope adds useful scopes targeting ActiveRecord boolean, date and datetime fields.
25 ★ foreigner.js
Foreigner is a JavaScript library that will help you with translations.
0 ★ broccoli-lodash-precompile
broccoli-lodash-precompile will, as its name states, precompile your templates with lodash and output them wrapped inside ES6 modules.
5 ★ activerecord_strict_validations
ActiveRecord::StrictValidations adds validations to ActiveRecord models to make sure they don’t trigger database errors.
7 ★ louche
Louche provides common validators for ActiveModel/ActiveRecord classes
18 ★ partisan
Partisan is a Ruby library that allows ActiveRecord records to be followers and followables.
0 ★ gogradle
Contains some useful gradle scripts.
11 ★ activerecord_sane_schema_dumper
ActiveRecord::SaneSchemaDumper removes useless/harmful whitespace from Rails’ generated `db/schema.rb` file.
10 ★ active_model_serializers_validator
An extension to ActiveModel::Serializer that validates serializers output against a JSON schema
20 ★ bourgeois
Bourgeois is a Ruby library that makes using presenters a very simple thing.
10 ★ MCDebuggingTools
A collection of cool debugging tools
9 ★ MCColoredPageControl
Fully customizable alternative to UIPageControl
18 ★ MCUIColorUtils
UIColor missing methods
22 ★ MCDateExtensions
Extensions on the dates classes
4 ★ MCHTTPRequestLogger
Output HTTP requests made with AFNetworking in the debug console
17 ★ MCAnimationView
UIImageView alternative for animations that don't need to load all the images in memory at once and provide callbacks when the animation is done.
11 ★ camaraderie
Camaraderie takes away the pain of managing membership stuff between users and organizations.
5 ★ halfday
Collection of Capistrano recipes — Deploy. Then, take a halfday.